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See how we measure temperature and humidity directly in our headquarters in MICRORISC or in the demanding areas of the indoor pool Bazén Na Fialce.

We tried it right at our HQ...

In MICRORISC, we have many sensors placed in the house and in warehouses, and the entire site is covered by the IQRF signal using only 1 repeater. You can watch a sample of the measurement in the video.

We are interested not only in warehouses but also offices. The measurement takes place in a two-story building, which has warehouses on the ground floor, where a suitable stable temperature of around 22-23 °C is maintained.

In south-facing rooms, temperature changes are more pronounced during the day. In the operations department or dining room, the evening temperatures rise to 25 °C due to sunlight, after sunset, the room gradually cools down, the minimum occurs before dawn.

We also measure in the demanding environment of an indoor pool

Take a look at the public dashboard of the pool Na Fialce provided by Logimic. Here you can find the current values of temperature and humidity from the pool, rest area, or restaurant (measured with the basic sensor Industrial), measurement values from the steam room (the sensor Industrial Pro was used here), and with the sensor Industrial X we measure the current values of water in swimming and children's pool.
Despite the demanding environment with a number of strong reinforced concrete walls and ceilings, the signal passed from the ground floor to the second floor without any problems using one repeater.

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