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This device serves to extend the coverage of the space by the wireless IQRF signal and at the same time serves as a device for the aggregation of data transmitted by individual sensors in the network.
The repeater is powered from the mains, is always online, and virtualizes other devices in the IQRF network, which transmit data asynchronously and save energy.

Technical specifications

Parameter Value
Dimension55 mm x 77 mm x 80 mm
Weight90 g
Transmission technologyIQRF
Operating temperature-20 °C to +60 °C
Relative humidity0 - 90 %, without condensation
Rangetens of meters in buildings (depending on the environment and obstacles), up to 400 m in open space,
many times more than the Wi-Fi signal.
RF bandIQRF 868 MHz (optionally 916 MHz)
Power supply100-240 V AC
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