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Placement in the building

First, think about where you need to monitor temperature and humidity everywhere. The set is suitable for 3D monitoring of temperature and humidity. These parameters change with height, so if you store goods on high shelves, it is necessary to think about it. Windows and doors also have a significant effect. South-facing windows usually warm the environment significantly.

Each sensor must be within range of one of the repeaters providing coverage of the room with a wireless signal and aggregating the measured data.

Note: The range depends on the complexity of the building, the composition of the walls and ceilings, or other obstacles between the individual devices. After deploying the sensors, it is necessary to verify the range and therefore the correct functionality of the network.

In general, in a more complex environment of warehouses and stores, a range of tens of meters between individual devices can be expected.

Example 1: Warehouse with an area of 10 x 10 m, goods (electrical components and products) stored on shelves up to a height of 5 m. There is no problem to cover the warehouse with the wireless signal. Monitoring the temperature is important at different heights at different places in the warehouse (inner part, at the door, at different heights). The basic set IQAROS Small is enough for basic monitoring.

Example 2:
In an electronics factory with an area of 80 x 80 m, it is necessary to monitor both temperature and humidity, but only at one height. The sensors are spaced approx. 25 m apart. The IQAROS Medium set is sufficient for monitoring.

Example 3: Food warehouse with an area of 30 x 40 m, goods stored
in racks up to a height of 5 m. The sensors are placed regularly at a distance of approx. 6 m, alternately at different heights, so that the collected values indicate the quality of storage.
The IQAROS Large set is suitable for this purpose.

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