1) The green LED on the IQUBE gateway does not light/flash. 
The power cord may be unplugged. Check the power cord connection.

2) How do I safely turn off the IQUBE gateway?
Do not unplug the IQUBE without first switching it off. To switch off, press the button on the gateway. Press and hold the button until the red LED on the gateway flashes twice. Then wait half a minute for the shutdown process to complete.

3) When the button on the repeater is pressed, the backlight does not light up.
The repeater may not be inserted into a live socket. Verify that the repeater is properly inserted into the socket and that the socket is working.

4) The sensor does not respond. No beep will occur when the magnet approaches the marked location on the left side of the sensor. 
The battery may be low. If the battery warranty period has not yet expired and the sensor has been used in accordance with the recommendations for its operation, contact your dealer. The battery will be replaced by the manufacturer. Do not open the sensor yourself, do not break the seal.
If the battery is discharged due to improper use of the sensor, the warranty period for free replacement by the manufacturer does not apply. Replace the battery with a new one.

5) How do I find out that the sensor is within range of the communication infrastructure (repeaters, IQUBE gateway)?
The range of the sensors is generally tens of meters in the building. To verify that the sensor is within range of the communication infrastructure, place a magnet for 1 second to the left side of the sensor (where the label with the sensor number is located). The sensor beeps once, which means that it is active. You will then move the magnet away to send a verification message. If the sensor beeps a second time, it means that some of the elements of the communication infrastructure have responded to it and the range test is successful.
If the sensor does not beep a second time, it is necessary to check the correct orientation of the sensor (antenna) or change the mutual arrangement of the device.

6) Why does the sensor show me a different temperature than it is in its immediate vicinity?
The sensor may be located in an unsuitable place. Make sure that the sun does not shine directly on the sensor.

7) After moving the sensor to another location, I do not get the correct value of temperature and humidity. 
Wait for the sensor to stabilize in the new environment. The values should stabilize within 1 hour.

8) Access to visualization using the "iqaros" alias in the web browser does not work. 
The required network protocols may not be enabled on the network or the network may be segmented.
Instead of the alias "iqaros", use the IP address that the IQUBE gateway received from the local DHCP server (see Installation - Connecting to the gateway).
You must be on the same network as the gateway.

9) How do I find out what IP address the IQUBE gateway received? 
Enter the ID of your set at (you will find it at the bottom of the IQUBE gateway). The gateway must now be connected to the local network and the Internet via an Ethernet cable.
You can also ask your local network administrator, or use other network management tools (eg FING, IP Scanner, etc.).

10) Can I set a static IP address for the IQUBE gateway? 
Yes, since version 2 (June 2022). See News...  

11) When I access the gateway settings, the gateway asks me for credentials. 
Make sure you have the correct address entered in your browser (http://iqaros or http://IP_address).

12) Not all repeaters are visible in the system.
This may be because one of the repeaters is out of range of the wireless communication infrastructure.
If the device list does not contain all the repeaters that are part of the IQAROS set, repeat the device detection using the Search button in the installation wizard until all the devices in the list appear. You will be continuously informed by the statement about how many repeaters were found. If a repeater is not available, it must be relocated so that it can be accessible by either the gateway or one of the other repeaters.

13) How do I update data obtained from sensors in graphs?
The IQUBE gateway regularly reads data from the network of its sensors. The data in the graphs are updated automatically. Click on the IQAROS logo for the default display of graphs.

14) Can I view data older than 24 hours?
Yes, using cloud services that provide add-on features.

15) Is it possible to visualize the placement of sensors and determine the optimal placement of the device?
Appropriate placement of sensors needs to be considered in advance with regard to your environment and where you need to monitor temperature and humidity. It is possible to count on a range of several tens of meters inside buildings. You can verify the range of sensors to the communication infrastructure using a magnet - see question no.5.
Visualization of sensors in the map is possible with the use of cloud services.

16) Data from a sensor is not available in the visualization panel.
It is possible that the sensor is out of range of the wireless communication infrastructure.
Move the nearest repeater closer to this sensor. Verify that the sensor is within range of one of the repeaters (see question no.5). Perform Network Optimization again in the Installation wizard to ensure that the entire communication infrastructure is functional.

17) Is it possible to add a repeater to the network?
Yes, it is possible. See the service packages offered by the manufacturer.

18) Is it possible to buy a cost-effective set, add more repeaters to it and get it configured without buying additional services?
Yes. When purchasing, inform the vendor that you want to configure all devices on the same network and it will be free of charge (adding repeaters).

19) There are no e-mails with daily messages or alerts about exceeding the set limits.
It is possible that the contact e-mail is set incorrectly or the IQUBE gateway is not connected to the Internet.
Check the contact e-mail settings in Report settings.
Verify that the IQUBE gateway has Internet access.

20) How often do the sensors measure?
Sensors send measured values every minute. They "sleep" after broadcasting, thus saving battery. The wireless infrastructure consisting of repeaters remembers the values and when the gateway asks to send the measured values, it returns the data instead of the sensors. The gateway in the IQAROS system polls its network every 4 minutes.

21) How do I reset the IQUBE gateway to factory settings?
Press and hold the button on the gateway until the red LED on the gateway flashes 3 times. Then wait until the system restores to factory settings.

22) What should I do if I forget the password to the main gateway account that I use to set up the system?
As of version 2 (June 2022), system settings are available through the main account you create when you first launch the system. It is tied to a specific email. Go through the password recovery procedure associated with the given email. See News.

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